The installation process, done by a fast continuous concrete edging machine, allows most garden curbing (garden edging) jobs to be completely finished IN A SINGLE DAY – from ground preparation and laying the concrete edge, to applying color and pattern to the edging.

This means that your property is not a mess for days on end and you can enjoy your newly Kwik Kerbed landscape sooner.


Step 1Contact Us – we will come and give you a free onsite quote, based on the colors, shape and design that you want.

Step 2: Should you decide to proceed, a date and time will be made for the edging to be laid. As Kwik Kerb cannot be laid in the rain, we may need to reschedule in this circumstance. Most domestic Kwik Kerb jobs are completed within one day.

Step 3: If the area is grassed, a strip of turf slightly wider than the kerb will be removed. Once the grass is removed, if required, a suitable base will be installed.

Step 4: The Kwik Kerb garden edging will be laid in a continuous line by the Edgemaster concrete curbing machine. Expansion joints will then be cut into the curbing.

Step 5: Your choice of different colors and patented finishes will then be applied to your curbing by hand, giving it a unique finish.

Step 6: Clear sealer is then applied to the edging, providing a hard, waterproof and attractive finish.

Step 7: Sit back, relax and enjoy your newly Kwik Kerbed landscape!