Eurostyle® concrete garden edging is the benchmark for landscape edging worldwide and is the ideal way to create functional & attractive borders around garden beds and along driveways!

Once you have it installed in your garden you’ll wonder why you didn’t have it installed sooner. There’s never been a finishing touch like Eurostyle®. If you intend to enhance your gardens make sure that you consider genuine Kwik Kerb® Eurostyle® edging. The original and still the best!

Eurostyle® is available in a variety of patterns. Each creation is a unique hand-finished result which provides individuality to your garden.

The patterns combine with Kwik Kolor and stone texture finish, to give your concrete edging visual appeal and lasting beauty.

Patterns: Rustic wood, Flagstone, Slate and colors:

– Southern Tan            – Light Terracotta

– Golden Barley           – Sand  

– Dove Grey                – Medium Beige

–  Dark Grey                 – Dark Brown

Garden Edging Eurostyle
Garden Edging Eurostyle

Rustic Wood Impression

Eurostyle® Rustic Wood is one of Kwik Kerb’s newest patterns featuring a wood grain finish. It blends in beautifully with the colors and textures of surrounding landscapes and takes on an appearance unlike that of concrete. The edging has a natural beauty that contributes to the visual appeal and individuality of your home.

We are proud to make this unique and exclusive curbing style available to home owners in Gauteng, Mpumulanga, North West & Limpopo. Rustic Wood Impression is another Kwik Kerb® winner in the same tradition as the original Eurostyle® Slate Impression and Kwik Kerb® Eurobrick®.

Garden Edging Rustic Wood Impression
Garden Edging Rustic Wood Impression
Garden Edging Rustic Wood Impression


Kwik Kerb® Eurobrick® edging has the appearance, texture and feel of real brick and mortar edging, combined with the durability and lasting quality of extruded continuous concrete. Eurobrick® has unique qualities and an exclusive application process which will ensure that your landscape garden edging is the best in the neighbourhood. Eurobrick® is the perfect choice to frame your garden beds and edge your pathways. Choose your preferred colours and pattern to create a landscaping masterpiece today.

Eurobrick® Features

  • Eurobrick® is a superior edging product exclusive to Kwik Kerb®.
  • Quick to lay. Most residential jobs are finished in a day.
  • Textured, multi-colored concrete edging that simulates the appearance of real brick with cement mortar joints.
  • Many natural colors available to suit your existing landscape features.
  • Unique, hand-finished edging that provides individuality and practicality to your landscaping.
  • Strength and durability of extruded concrete.
  • Compliments your existing brick and/or pavers.
  • Adds prestige and value to your property.
  • Minimizes water use by retaining mulch where it is needed.


Colours Available

We can show you an extensive range of colors, when we come to the site to provide a quote.

When choosing your color for your project, you must consider the fact that most times more than one color is used in the creation of the work.We will assist you in the selection of a color which will best suit your landscape. Special products are also used by Kwik Kerb® which strengthen the surface of your concrete landscape edging. This means that your investment will be resistant to chipping, cracking staining and weathering.

The only maintenance required is the resealing of colored kerb every two to three years.

The patterns and colors below are samples of a wide range of colors that are available.

Exclusive Kwik Kolor Finish

Kwik Kerb edging uses an exclusive Kwik Kolor process to create a prestigious, long lasting and visually appealing finish. Kwik Kolor is superior to painted finishes. It is harder than concrete and it is sealed to give a durable, stain resistant and attractive finish to the edge.

Exclusive Kwik Kolor Finish


Standard Shapes Available

Kwik Kerb® continuous concrete edging can be used for a wide range of applications using the six standard concrete curbing shapes, which we can supply. Each Kwik Kerb® profile style has a wide 175mm base, which ensures that the concrete curbing is both stable and strong. This is especially important in those areas where ground freezing takes place to ensure that Kwik Kerb® remains looking pristine season after season. Many other custom shapes can often be provided on request if required for a particular project.

Garden Edging Shapes

      – Sloping Border also available in 125mm wide.