How to keep the grass out

Erma Bombeck once said: “The grass is always greener on the other side.” We at Kwik Kerb by Frikkie believe that we can help keep the grass greener on the other side with the products we provide. 


We are proudly known for our landscape edging worldwide. We have been providing our services for more than 15 years and we are continuously innovating and improving our service to suit the local environments. We have been staying at the forefront of the kerbing industry and we provide new products to the kerbing industry which also includes Kwik Kerb’s famous trademark Eurostyle and Rustic Wood finishes and we are also adding the Eurobrick finish as well to our products.   

garden edging
garden edging
garden edging

Are you struggling with keeping grass out of your garden? We have the solution for you:

When you distribute a thick 3 to 4-inch layer of Kwik Kerb material around your garden it will discourage the growth of weeds and unwanted grass. The mulch will also help block the sun so new seeds won’t be able to germinate.

Garden Edging: 

We have an ideal Kwik Kerb product for creating an attractive concrete border around every type of garden bed. This addition has the means to turn your garden into a work of art by adding texture, colour, visual appeal and contour. The Kwik Kerb addition helps to keep garden soil and mulch where it needs to be and the water retention will also be guided. There is a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from to suit your style in your landscape area. A distinct barrier is created between your lawn and garden bed to make it easier for you to trim the lawn which will spare you some time as well. When a Kwik Kerb border is added your grass will be greener on the other side and not be in your garden


Kwik Kerb by Frikkie guarantees you friendly quality products and professional service. When you have made your decision on your size, colour and shape our professional installation service will make sure your curbing lives up to the expectations. All our products and service we provide is a complete curbing service which is from the start to the final masterpiece. We apply the skills, knowledge and technical expertise we have to ensure a long-lasting and low maintenance curbing solution. 

By applying our Kwik Kerb by Frikkie curbing border, you can be sure that the grass will remain greener and intact, literally by being on the other side of your garden. 

How to keep grass out of your garden beds